Pedicure & Manicure

After running around, sightseeing or generally for work, you are tired and would need a confidence of looking good and your hands could be a good start to express this. A detailed and well-done manicure/pedicure could help bring the light to a dull day. Nails are the most exposed part of your body, even if you try to hide them within shoes or anything for that matter. It keeps accumulating and the right cleansing is a must to promote good health. It is not for beauty alone as it adds benefits by reducing any nail disorders. It is always better to see a clean and great maintained and freshly painted nails. Regular cycle of manicure and pedicure ensures the health by keeping them well moisturized. It shapes your nails and keeps them healthy and strong, improving the blood flow. At Sawadee, we give the best ways to give the shine to your nails and add the touch of beauty. A professional care to your nails uses cleansing oils and lotions and does much more than just making them looking good. We take utmost care in exfoliating the skin, help regenerating and remove any unwanted elements. Additional soothing massage is given to dry or cracked feet, to have them feel better. Adding a dash of color to the nails would enhance the overall appearance too. As it takes only a little time, you could walk in with your friends and chat away, while we do the magic. The whole experience would leave you nourished and it is fit for both genders.