Massage Lounge

What you need is a tranquil and serene relaxation after tiring journeys – have the perfect remedy to help you replenish your senses. Wouldn’t it be great if you do that in the company of your colleagues or friends? Massage Lounge is the answer to have the same impeccable massage in a group setting. Like in an individual massage session, our masseurs would help you relax a lot. They would let you lie down on the plush and comfortable massage recliners and do the right application of acupressure, delighting and reducing any pain. You would be given the attention you need for a rejuvenating experience, in the hands of our team. It is a complete massage in the ambience of a bigger group, an affordable indulgence. Similar to an individual version, we suggest you to not have a hearty meal and do arrive few minutes early to prepare. An advisable option is to have your name listed or booking early to avoid any last minute rush. Drop in to have an all round experience to relax and refresh, with our tailor made arrangements for your special needs. You could feel energized and feel free to have a tea later, in the coziness of your bathrobe.