Gym Room

Missing your daily routine of exercise? Do you want to chisel your body to have a better shape? Or do a plain run or brisk walk to stay in fit? The gym at Sawadee is meant to meet all your needs – train or get trained. Whatever be your goal – add muscle, tone your body or burn the fat, the gym could help you achieve the results you have in mind. With an array of exercise equipment, you are never at loss when it comes to good health. We provide you the right and clean atmosphere for your journey in health with state of the art infrastructure. The ambience is just right and you could do the workouts overlooking from the grand windows. There are treadmills for working up sweat either by walking or running, with the stats indicated, making you give the right inputs to tailor the sessions. The cycles could help in giving an easy option to stay in the right momentum for bodily movement. Apart from these, there are facilities to change and few towels to freshen up. Consider the time when you drop in, as the best timings at a gym are always tuned to your body rhythm. Do have a gentle warm up session before hitting the machines so that you get the most out of the session. We hope that the session would give you the right fuel to charge you up for the days.