As the definition of Aromatherapy goes, it involves selective oils and other ingredients extracted from plants for the physical and psychological well-being. The main theory and practice believes in the effect of these oils that either stimulate the nerves or relax them through the olfactory senses. True to this age-old tradition of Aromatherapy, Sawadee revitalizes your mind, body and soul with its aromatherapy sessions. With the use of completely natural oils that is suited for you and plant extracts of various healing elements, you are assured of an experience that re-energizes your very element. It harmonizes the body by gently having an effect of this aroma on your brain and the oils that soothes. The well-equipped lounge invites you to leave your worries at bay as you turn a new leaf. The lighting, the assortments in the room, is all done in a style to strike a balance. We have the options for an aromatherapy massage, which uses the essential oils blended with other carrier oils in the traditional way. Each essential oil has a varied effect, either with its ability to relax or to energize. Vapor inhalation is another way by using a towel so that the scents help you to alleviate any respiratory difficulties. We offer this, as a right choice to unwind – be it any kind of stress and we unknot it for you. Let the aromas work the wonders for you.